Bike Care - Workshop Service Package


Bike Care is our premium Workshop Servicing package that takes care of your bike for four years.

Purchase Bike Care when you buy your new Reid bike and receive:

4 years of Bronze Servicing

Reid Cycles offers all of our new bike customers two free Workshop Services within the first 12 months of ownership. Bike Care extends this offer for an additional three years - that’s two Bronze level services per year for a total of four years ($472 of value).

10% Parts & Accessories Discount

Membership qualifies you for 10% discount off all full priced parts, accessories and clothing for four years. This discount is not available on bikes and is not to be used with any other offer.

Complimentary Bike Care Kit

Bike Care members will receive an essentials pack with items to keep you rolling (over $50 value).

Bike Care ensures your bike is running like new, so you can continue to enjoy your riding.


Notes on Servicing Your Bike

There is no set schedule for bike servicing but it is strongly recommended that any bike be serviced at least once a year to ensure it is safe. A Spring/Autumn seasonal service is even better to keep things running properly (after the miles of Summer and the grime of Winter).

Like anything mechanical though, bikes always run best when cared for and regularly maintained by a skilled mechanic. The actual requirement for servicing varies based on the amount of use a bike sees, the quality and age of the parts, the conditions it is being ridden in and the regularity of basic ongoing maintenance you can perform yourself (like cleaning the chain or changing brake pads).



  • Bike Care can only be purchased at the time you buy your new Reid Cycles bike.
  • The servicing offer is for Bronze Level Services only. Any additional service requirements beyond this level will be quoted as extra prior to any work being done.
  • Bike Care gives the purchaser two of these services per year for four years (three years in addition to the 12 months cover that all Reid Cycles bike owners receive). Any unused Service credits will be lost four years after the date of card activation.
  • The 10% discount on Parts & Accessories is available for four years from date of card activation. This discount cannot be used with any other offer. This discount is not available on bikes.