Fixies / Singlespeeds

A fixed gear bike – a fixie – is a popular choice for city dwellers and urbanites looking for a simple, reliable bike without all the frills.


These single speed bikes offer style and hassle free riding with an attractive mix of speed, toughness and reliability. They’re perfect for those simply keen on some wheels to get to uni, the pub or work and a great alternative to road bikes

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Fixie and Singlespeed Bike Buying Guide
Fixie and Singlespeed Bike Buying Guide

Choosing the right Hybrid or Commuter Bike can be a tough choice! Find out what you need to consider by clicking here.

Commuting by Bike
Commuting by Bike

Commuting by bike is the way forward! Find out how you can be prepared and make it easier too. Learn more.


Bike Maintenance - How to Care for Your Bike
How to Care for Your Bike

Regular servicing are important, but there's plenty you can do to maintain your bike too! Find out how.

Why you'll love fixed gear bikes
Fix Appeal - You'll Love a Fixed Gear Bike

Fixed gear bikes are simple and tough, but we all know the real reason they're so popular. Find out why!


The Laws on Cycling Under the Influence
The Laws on Cycling Under the Influence

Do you ride your bike after having a few bevies? It's worth understanding the laws so there are no surprises. Read more.

Reid Cycles Bike Size Guide
Fixie & Singlespeed Bike Size Guide

Keen to get rolling on a Fixie / Singlespeed Bike but not sure what size to get? Get the low down on sizing here.


Designed with lightweight frames, you’ll love the ease and feel of these bikes. We also offer a huge variety of custom fixie changes, such as colour and size, to match your personality.


With no gears, a thicker chain and a narrower bar to weave through traffic easily, you'll be making your way through the inner city streets with ease – there’s a reason these bikes are first choice among couriers!


Offering a great selection of fixie bikes in Australia, Reid Cycles’ single speed range combines the style and verve of vintage bikes  with the durability and comfort of hybrid/commuter bikes . Check out our full range below or get in store today!