Meet The Team

Our International Team may be small, but their passion for REID has made them successful in growing the brand larger and larger. Based in Bournemouth, England, this is the headquarters for everything REID internationally. Consisting of five team members, Rob, Jasmine, Daiana, Troy and Kyle, they work in an open space, where all ideas are freely shared and this has been key in the development of REID, by learning from each other's perspectives to progress the brand.

All REID Riders themselves, we caught up with the International team, to find out their favourite bike and to give you a little more insight into how REID operates overseas and who the people are behind it all.

Rob Akam, Managing Director

Hello! I'm Rob, and I'm the Managing Director of REID, and an advocate for all things cycling! I grew up in Bournemouth, and throughout my school years worked part time at my local bike shop. Having been a keen BMXer and trials rider as a kid, I'm now more into trail riding on my VICE FS 3.0. After leaving University I worked for Countrywide, the UK's largest estate agency chain, and learned a lot about business and became very commercially minded. My wife and I moved to Australia in January 2012 where I met James Reid, owner of Reid Cycles in Australia. We got on very well and I was appointed General Manager of his successful brand. Three years on, my wife and I decided we wanted to move home to the UK and James and I had already been discussing the possibilities for the brand outside Australia. So we decided to open an international sales office when I moved back to the UK in June 2014. Fast forward a few years and we now have a passionate team in the UK office, we're now sold in over 15 countries, we have multiple supply contracts with other brands, and we are continuing to grow the business, helping more people have access to quality, affordable bikes to have fun on and get around on.


Jasmine Criddle, Administrator

Hi I’m Jasmine, the administrator for REID.  I am originally from London but I relocated to Bournemouth as a teenager.  I love the lifestyle the south coast offers, being outdoors, going to the beach, it is a lovely place to live.  I spent many years working in Estate Agency, as the PA to the Managing Director and Office Manager, however, once I had my daughter I wanted a better work/life balance which is what REID offered.  I joined the team in December 2015 on a part time basis, it was a learning curve to understand manufacturing and distribution but I have since gone on to support the International Team with new software and qualifying in book keeping to further my role in the company, I am excited to be part of a growing team and brand.  In my free time I enjoy running and I take part in several running events throughout the year, I am also a qualified cake decorator, which our office is delighted about as I will often bring in cakes!  I own a Ladies Classic Plus, for me it is the perfect bike to go for a casual cycle along the beach front with room enough in the basket for a picnic, a matching petite vintage bike for my daughter is next on the list.


Daiana Da Silva, Supply Chain Manager

Hi All, I am Daiana and I have just joined REID as a Supply Chain Manager at the international office in England. I am originally from Brazil but also hold Italian citizenship. My first time in UK was from 2003 to 2006 when I went back to finish my graduation in International business and a master degree in project management. I had a carrier break from 2015/2016 due to maternity then after that decided to come back to UK. In the past 10 years I have been working under Supply Chain focused in international business doing sourcing, developing new projects, buying and dealing with all aspects of international logistics. My last position was in Supply Chain dealing with Far East suppliers managing orders, production, importing and exporting Audio products (headphones and speakers) for a UK based Distributor. I love to travel, cinema and enjoy seeing my boy grow up and celebrate his achievements every day! Being selected to be part of REID's international team has been great because I am passionate to develop new processes, organise and put things in order to exceed customers expectations on time, and REID is giving me this opportunity! I'm yet to get my first Reid Bike, but have been eyeing up the Urban X1 WSD or Esprit to commute somedays and also to use on the weekend seeing friends.


Troy Kniveton, International Account Manager

I'm Troy and I am the International Account Manager for REID Bikes. I grew up in Somerset just down the road from a Downhill MTB and XC course called "Cheddar Challenge". This enabled me to see some of the worlds best riders compete on a regular basis and from an early age I learnt to appreciate just what is achievable on a bike. I graduated from the University of West of England in Bristol with a Business Studies degree and rather than join the rat race in London I opted to travel the world. I spent 8 months travelling and experiencing new cultures before ultimately settling in New Zealand in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I ended up staying in New Zealand for 5 years selling Google advertising in a corporate environment. I then decided that I would replace the Vineyards, Weather, Mountains, Lakes and the best fishing I have experienced in my life to spend more time with my family so moved back to England. In August 2016, I started with REID bikes and immediately I was thrown into the deep end with my first day starting at 4 AM in the morning flying out of England for 3 days at Eurobike. I visited 3 countries, met 4 distributors and worked 18 hours non-stop on day one. It was brilliant. It is fair to say that my current role is very different to my past roles and one of the noticeable differences is how friendly the industry is as a whole. REID bikes has amazing distributors and retailers worldwide flying the flag for REID Bikes and it is a pleasure working with them to help grow our brand. I ride my Urban X2  daily, whether it's to work, to the shops or to the bars, I'm always riding.  It's just the perfect bike, comfortable for my commute and great for if I want to take it a bit further on the weekends.


Kyle Gouveia, International Marketing Executive

Hi, I’m Kyle and I’m the International Marketing Executive here at REID. Originally from the Island of Jersey, I grew up on a bike, making the most of the country lanes and beachside paths. Wherever I was going, to school or food or friends, I was cycling. I left Jersey in 2012 to go to University in Bournemouth to study Marketing Communications and continued with my bike as my main choice of transport (I’ve still never owned my own car!). I graduated from university in 2016 with a mind full of knowledge and a drive to apply it to real situations. Having joined REID in May 2017, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, being an active part of growing the REID brand worldwide. Highlights of my time here so far have been reaching big milestones on our social following, redesigning our brand guidelines and product brochure, working with other brands and influencers and travelling to Chicago to exhibit at a show alongside our USA distributors. I ride a REID Downtown, I love its understated minimalist design and premium finishes. Where I live is flat, so the single-speed and no suspension makes for a fun and simple ride, perfect for my commute and weekend cruising.